Geisha Has A Full Service Sex Parlor

Have you ever had the fantasy of walking in a massage parlor and running into a real life Geisha? I know I have. I have spent many years of my life dreaming about some really hot massage sex from one of these skilled Japanese babes and I finally got it fulfilled thanks to Nuru Massage. In these pics, this guy gets the full treatment too. This busty Asian babe gives him service he never thought he'd get for what he was paying. She got nude and climbed in the shower with him. Then she soaped down every inch of his body—including his now rock hard cock. After she did all of that, she then took him to her special tub. A tub where the real magic happens. In the bathtub, she lets him fuck her big fucking knockers. Then she finally moves him back to the table and starts rubbing him down. And in her mind, a good rubdown involves letting him lick her clit while she sucks off his throbbing dick. And he got all of that virtually free—thanks to the introductory rate and the coupon he presented. Now that's fucking full service, if you ask me. - check the whole gallery here!

Didn't Take Long For This Guy To Get His Happy Ending

Do you know what I like about massage porn the most? Well, one it fulfills the fantasy of having a beautiful babe sensually touching your body and eventually getting you off. But it also has a lot of Asian chicks in it. That really appeals to me. Which is probably why I spend so much time checking out Nuru Massage. Take a look at these pics if you want to see what I mean. In them, you see a beautiful babe who I think happens to be Thai. I'm not sure but I think she is, at least. Anyway, she really knows how to use that lean body of hers. She teases and rubs this guy until he shoots one of the biggest cum loads I've ever seen in videos. At first, she lets him rub down her body. An act that would have made me lose my nut right then and there, but somehow he manages to hold on for stage two. What's stage two, you ask? It's when she sucks off his dick in a big bubble bath, rubs oil all over his body and then fucks the crap out of him. Needless to say, he didn't make it to stage three. He lost his nut right away. - check the whole gallery here!

This Is Why I Like This Porn Site And Watch It All The Time

I love all of the massage videos on Nuru Massage and spend as much time as possible watching them. Sure, I have to do other things like going to work, eating, shitting and all of the other things I have to do. But once those are done, then I'm glued to my computer or smart phone and am watching all kinds of hot and nasty movies. You can call it obsessive but I like to think of it as dedicated. You'll see why I love it so much once you have seen this gallery. It features a sexy Asian babe who really knows how to give a man a good time. And she does it by using a variety of ancient and modern rub down techniques. She also uses a very slick oil that allows her to execute these techniques quickly and efficiently. First she rubs the oil all over this guy. Then she uses her whole body to jerk off his cock. Not just her hands and her tits but her whole body. Her butt, back, thighs and feet all get in on the action. I have never seen anyone do a massage like that but after seeing it I am hooked and I want more. - check the whole gallery here!

Lesbians Rubbing Oil On Each Others Tight Bodies

Those of you who thought seeing an Asian babe rubbing down a guy was the height of what Nuru Massage could offer, then I'm happy to tell you that you are wrong. There is something a whole hell of a lot sexier than that. A scene that will really make you shoot your load. And it involves a woman being rubbed down and fucked! Yeah, you saw it here first. An all girl massage sex scene. A lesbian experience that will alter how you think about rubdowns and about lesbian fucking. A scene so hot I was afraid that it was going to melt my monitor the first time I saw it. Of course, I was watching the videos but I still think it is hot in picture form. It starts off with this Chinese babe rubbing oil all over a very sexy, and very nude, white girl. It is from this simple beginning that all of this screwing starts from. It really turns into something special, but you don't have to take my word for it. All you have to do is check out this gallery. Just be warned, it is pretty damn hot—don't shoot your load on your keyboard and ruin it. - check the whole gallery here!

Asian Babes Make Handjobs The Best

If there's one thing I can say about Nuru Massage it's the fact that they do have a lot of sexy Asian girls. It seems like every time I open one of their massage porn scenes I see a lovely Asian babe ready to not only show off her body but also do some very sexual things. One of the girls that I like on this site is this cute little babe. A petite Vietnamese babe with nice perky breasts and a beautiful round ass. She's a chick a guy could have a whole lot of fun with, as evidenced by the guy in these pics. He not only gets the rubdown of his life, but he also gets a lot of fucking sex. She rubs down every single inch of his body—including his cock. Then she takes him to her floor mat and begins to do all kinds of other things to him. She rubs her pussy all over his dick and then she begins to stroke him off. She ends everything by taking his engorged members into her mouth and sucking on it until it spills its loads of cum. Man, do I love the ladies they have on this site. - check the whole gallery here!

White Girls Know How To Stroke Too

Okay, today we are going to do something different. I am going to show you one of the white girls from Nuru Massage. Yes, this site does have them. In fact, this site has girls of every ethnicity. Which is why we are going to see the happy endings delivered by this gorgeous Caucasian babe. I hope you enjoy it. This scene starts off with this twenty-something year old babe leading her man to her special bathtub. Now I know that you don't normally think of a tub when you think of hand job porn, but this site uses it a lot and after you see this chick using it you'll see why. It really adds a whole new dimension to the wank videos. After she teases this guy with a little foreplay, she then moves him to her air mattress so she can finish off the job she started. She rubs oil all over his body and then she begins to methodically stroke him off. At first, she takes her time but then she slowly builds up her momentum. Then, when he is just about ready to shoot his load, she takes his dick in her mouth and lets him cum. - check the whole gallery here!

Some Men Deserve Two Ladies At Once

I have come to believe that the older gentleman in the nurumassage porn scene is one of the luckiest motherfuckers on the goddamn planet. That's because he not only gets one of these hot girls to rub him down and give him a happy ending, but he gets two of them. Now how fair is that? I would probably give my left nut to have just the Asian babe from this scene—but this greedy bastard needs the white chick as well. Not that I can blame him too much. If I was given the chance to take both of these ladies at the same time, I'd fucking jump on it. Exactly the same thing he did. Of course, he probably lasted a whole lot longer than I would have. After they had shed their clothes I probably would have nutted. He made it through a whole lot of stuff, however. He made it through them rubbing him down, putting on a lesbian show for him and both of them giving him a blowjob before he came. Now that's some skill right there. I guess it's only fair that a guy who can hold his nut through all that gets two lovely babes at the same time. - check the whole gallery here!

This Asian Hotty Is The Best At Massage Porn

Here is another great nurumassage porn scene. One that features one of my favorite Asian handjob specialists. A chick who knows how to stroke off a cock in about a million different ways. If I ever needed a good stroke job, then she's the babe I would call. I'm sure some of you have your doubts, so I am going to show you instead of tell you. I'm going to do that by showing you this picture gallery. A set of pics that will prove to you this girl's sexual prowess. Take a good hard look and you'll soon see what I am talking about. Our girl starts things off by soaping this guy's Johnson in the shower. Then once she's made sure it is as clean as a whistle, she takes him to her air mattress so she can take care of him properly. She oils him down real well and then begins to use her pussy to jerk off his cock. After that, she then takes his whole member into her mouth and gives him a blowjob that will cause him to shoot his load into her mouth. That is why she's the best. If the handy doesn't work, then give him a blowie. My kind of gal. - check the whole gallery here!

This Handjob Whore Is A Cock Stroking Specialist

Another Asian babe that's really good at massage sex is this little cutie from nurumassage. In these sexy pics she proves that she is really good at her job and can give any of her competitors a run for their money. A lot of guys request her special touch and after seeing her pics and videos on this website I can clearly see why. When she starts in on a cock, then you can rest assured that cock is going to be drained of every drop of cum. And the proof is right there in the pudding. Take a look at this gallery and watch this lady work her magic on this guy's swollen wand. He walked in looking for a massage but ended up getting a different kind of stress relief. One that I am sure he loves a whole lot more. She not only bathes every part of his body in the shower, but then she takes him into a bubble bath and continues to wash him. By the time he gets to the mat, I'm sure he is ready to blow his load but she just continues on with the foreplay. Stroking, licking and sucking him until he has the biggest orgasm of his life. - check the whole gallery here!

A Blowjob Ends This Scene The Same Way It Started It

Ready for a massage porn scene that cuts through all of the foreplay and gets right into the good stuff? Well, if you are, then get ready for these pics. In this scene, we see a lovely Asian lady who is really good at getting right to the heart of the matter. She's so good in fact that she skips all of the playing around and gets right into the fucking. One of the first things she does is to take this guy's enormous dick in her mouth. While she doesn't suck him to completion, she does get him nice and hard. Firm enough for him to really appreciate what she is going to do for him next. Using both hands, in what I believe is a basket weaving technique, she begins to slowly stroke off his cock. Then she climbs on top of him and takes that cock right into her pussy. Fucking him every which way she can. Hell, she even spins around while he's still inside her! What amazing skill she possesses. She finally finishes him off the way she began. By sucking on his pecker. - check the whole gallery here!

This Guy's GF Gave Him The Gift Of Tugjobs

The guy in this scene is going to get some of the hottest massage sex in the entire world. He is going to get something that is really going to blow his hair back, but more importantly is going to drain his cock. And it all started with a gift he received from his girlfriend. That's right, this guy got a very special gift from his girlfriend this year. She gave him a certificate that was good for one rubdown. Of course, she though that he was just going to get a back rub. She never would have believed that the girl at the parlor was going to give him whole lot more. Things such as handjobs, blowjobs and even a little bit of pussy. That's because the girls at this shop don't just give ordinary rubdowns. No, they give very special ones that end up with the guys being extremely happy. All of the dudes who leave this shop get something they won't soon forget. Now he can go back to his girlfriend with a smile on his face. And of course she won't have any idea about what happened and probably never will. - check the whole gallery here!

A Special Slut With Special Skills

What would you give to get a happy ending from one of these fine ladies? I know that I would be willing to give quite a bit of money to spend just one afternoon with just one of these ladies. It would be a great gift to myself that I would never forget about. What makes it so great, you ask? Well, just look at the quality of the girls first and foremost. They are all stunningly beautiful. Second, they all are well versed in what gets a guy off. And three, they aren't afraid to put in the work to get a guy off. In other words, these are the girls you would want to spend some time with. A great example of that is this very picture gallery. In these pics, we meet a guy who has all his dreams fulfilled. He gets a blow job from this beautiful babe, gets a bath from her and even gets a hand job. She worked him over from head to toe and he loved every single second he spent with her. That's the kind of magic these girls possess. Now go ahead and tell me that you wouldn't give a whole lot just to spend a few moments with this girl or any of the girls on this site. Yeah, I thought so. - check the whole gallery here!

This Asian Hand Slut Is A Real Bottom Bitch

There are times when you need a real bottom bitch. A chick who will do anything and everything to give you what you need. Kind of like the sexy Asian babe in this fucking porn gallery. When this guy walks into her shop, she does whatever it takes to make him happy. And let me tell you, that was a whole hell of a lot. The first thing she does is to take him into the shower, soap him down and then give him a blow job. You know when a chick like this starts off with sucking cock, then you are going to have a good fucking day. After she got him all nice and hard, she then took him into the next room and starting rubbing his throbbing dick. She didn't stop there though. No she thoroughly fucked him and then she finished things off with giving him another blow job. Just like I said, she's the kind of lady you want to hang with. She's willing to do just about anything to make you bust a load. It doesn't matter how long it takes or how much work she has to put in. If you need to bust a big old nut, then she's the gal for the job. - check the whole gallery here!

Sometimes Hand Job Babes Just Wanna Have Fun

I noticed that a lot of hand job whores are really serious about their jobs and I can understand why. They have to get the Johns in the door, wank them off and collect the cash and the faster they do that, then the more money they make. However, that's not something you always want to see in porn. Sometimes you want to see a girl cut loose and have some fun. Kind of like what you see in these massage porn pics. In this gallery, we are introduced to a whole new side of this lovely Asian babe. We know her as someone who is very beautiful and very capable of making a man happy sexually, but we hardly ever get to see her just having a good time. Fortunately, that is exactly what we see today. You get a feel from these pictures that she really digs the guy. That she can just spend a few moments joking around with him. It is this kind of heartfelt emotion that I really like to see in my fuck flicks. Maybe not every single time but every once in awhile is nice. It shows off the human side of these girls quite nicely. - check the whole gallery here!

This Asian Chick Works Porn Magic

I got a great fucking gallery for you. One that features a great hand job whore. In this scene, we get to watch this girl work her magic on this guy's cock and make him cum so hard you can hear him moan from a mile around. If you're ready for that kind of action, then let's get started checking out these happy ending pics. As usual, she starts things off by treating him to a nice bath. A very intimate one in which she snuggles all up next to him. Then she gives him one of the best massages he'll ever receive in his entire life. A rubdown that has all the elements he likes. She rubs his entire body and gives him a nice tug job. Then she starts blowing him. Pushing that big cock in and out of her mouth. She keeps doing that until the pressure wells up in his balls and he cums really hard. And as usual, this girl takes every drop of his semen in her mouth. What an amazing babe. If you want to see more of this chick, then head on over to this site and see great videos and pics of this babe doing what she does best. Rubbing down dicks and sucking them off. - check the whole gallery here!
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